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Presentations & Events

that Connect and Convert

Create encaptivating audience experiences that instantly convert audience members to customers, donors or fans with encaptiv

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Engage, captivate and convert any audience with encaptiv.

Ways to use encaptiv

















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Business Meeting

In Person

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Whether you're in person, virtual or hybrid, encaptiv's got you covered!

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Easy Peasy

The Organizer's BFF

You've got enough on your plate and your time is better spent creating amazing experiences than fumbling with complicated technology. That's why we've made encaptiv simple and easy to use for organizers and attendees.

  • Set your event or learning hub up in minutes

  • Take complete control of your site design

  • Customize pages and functionality

  • Manage agenda and registration

  • Organize sponsors and exhibitors


...and even make real-time updates while your event or training session is live (degree in rocket science not required)!

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Real-Time Analytics

Measure audience engagement, session stats and event ROI

Understand the big picture with holistic data

Measure audience engagement and conversion rates

Know which sessions had the greatest engagement

Easily share ROI metrics with key stakeholders

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Drive Engagement

Encaptivate and interact with your audience from any device

Live Polling


Calls to Action


Emoji Feedback



Session Recommender

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Connect & Convert

Seize the moment and seal the deal with real-time calls to action

Convert attendees to customers, donors or fans

Increase conversion success with targeted calls to action

Customize calls to action by session, booth & more

Increase event, sponsor and exhibitor ROI

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More than just tech -
your partner in success

We know that planning hard work and sometimes you need an extra helping hand. We're here to help you level up your experience and make your life easier by supporting you with all your planning and execution needs - both technical and non-technical. 

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Tech Set Up

From DIY to DWY to DFY we offer an array of options for setting up your event site. Do it yourself, let us lend a helping hand or hand it off and we'll take care of the rest!


Strategy & Design

Let our team become an extension of your team. We offer a variety of strategy, event design, planning and project management services to make your event a success.


On Site Services

Whether your event is in person, virtual or hybrid, we've got your back. Our team provides an array of on-site services to ensure a smooth run of show.


Marketing, production and gamification...oh my! We partner with some of the best in the biz to bring you a variety of products and services that integrate with encaptiv so you can deliver a stellar experience. 


Publio provides marketing and content strategy to align your goals with an event plan and ROI assessment.

WDVEL provides live broadcast, production and emcee services that connect people via engaging LIVE virtual events

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SPEAC Success provides public speaking, communication and confidence coaching.


Our Customers

Why people 

love encaptiv

"I am not a tech person so the fact that I can easily use it is AMAZING!"

I am on many platforms to network. During Covid that was my way to find new customers and new businesses to collaborate with. During that time I found encaptiv. encaptiv has many of the same capabilities of Zoom, but is SO much better. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I can see who is in which room, hop from room to room, have discussions with people - private or in the room. I am not a techy person, so the fact that I can easily use it is AMAZING!

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Eva Menon

Independent Beauty Guide, Lifelife by Alcone

The latest from encaptiv

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