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Boost sales with encaptivTM

Don't let opportunity walk out the door with your audience! Convert attendees to customers, donors or fans BEFORE they leave the room.

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Conversion Rate


Connect & Convert

Transform in-the-moment motivation into action with real-time targeted calls to action based on attendee engagement level. 

Keep it simple. encaptivTM automatically sends specifically tailored calls to action to each audience member's device that they can complete at the click of a button!

Turn potential into actual. Send the right calls to action to the right people, dramatically increasing your chances of achieving your presentation goals.


Increase conversion success. With an average conversion rate of 56%, encaptiv enables you to close more deals in less time!

Meaningfully Interact

Don't lecture to your audience — engage with them. Maximize their motivation and deepen your impact by delivering a message with true staying power.

Receive real-time feedback. Whether your audience is "liking" a slide, taking virtual notes or even stifling a virtual yawn, you'll know exactly how they feel so you can adjust your presentation on the spot.

Take Q&A to a whole new level. Holding the Q&A until the end and running around with a microphone is old school. Empower your audience to submit questions any time, while you control when and how to answer. 


Easily access your talking points. An integrated notes tab eliminates the need for cumbersome notecards or copy-heavy slides.

Harness the power of polls. Create customized audience surveys that display results in real time.


Customize Your Delivery

With encaptiv'sTM advanced and accessible technology, you're always in complete control. With just a click, swipe or touch of a button, you have the freedom and flexibility to:

Present from the palm of your hand. Present whenever you want, wherever you want - no projector needed (unless you want to use one).

Stay on time—and on track. Our presentation clock with color indicators keeps an eye on the time so you don't have to.


Easily access your talking points. An integrated notes tab eliminates the need for cumbersome notecards or copy-heavy slides.

Chart your own course. Present your slides any way you wish — and never lose your place — with our enhanced slide navigation system.


Know the Score

If knowledge is power, then knowing your engagement level is empowering. Every click, question, note, bookmark or poll taken is captured and analyzed by encaptiv’sTM patent-pending technology, giving you access to detailed engagement metrics for:

Each audience member. Discover who is most engaged and quickly identify valuable follow-up opportunities.

Each presentation. Determine how well you captivated your audience, what content had the most impact and what messaging may need refining.


One presentation over time. View historical trends in an individual presentation you’ve given multiple times to celebrate growth and identify areas for improvement.

Overall as a presenter. Track your success with a cumulative score that indicates your impact as a presenter and use roll-up analytics improve your audience engagement and conversion success rates.


Nail Your Follow Through

We all know the work doesn't end with the last slide—our comprehensive user dashboard has everything you need to:

Never send a slide deck out again. Your audience will be automatically forwarded a link to your presentation, complete with their notes, bookmarks and more.

Encourage ongoing engagement. Your attendees will automatically receive "thank you for attending" emails after your presentation with reminders to log in, review the content and further engage with you.

Provide focused follow-up. You'll see which audience members are engaged and what content they're engaged with so you know who to follow up with and how to tailor the conversation.

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