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Work With Esstart and encaptiv to Maximize Engagement During Your Next Event

Hosting a celebratory corporate event or a large personal gathering today requires a bit of brainstorming to encourage engagement from your attendees. Whether you're promoting the release of a new product or ringing in the new year with co-workers, you will need to make your event stand out. With the right virtual event platform, such as encaptiv, and solutions such as Instant Spotlight from Esstart, you can maximize the engagement of any event you are hosting, big or small.

Choosing encaptiv as Your Virtual Event Platform

Planning and hosting a successful event can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, especially if you're not a professional event planner. With encaptiv's event platform solution, streamline and organize the process of planning your next event in one central digital hub, which can be set up in just a few minutes.

With encaptiv's event platform, you take control of your event's branding - from logos to color schemes and site design - with extensive customization features. Designate the functionality and configuration of specific pages to represent your events. Manage user registration, event admins, sponsors and exhibitors using the central planning hub of encaptiv's event platform.

Real-Time Analytics

encaptiv provides the ability to measure audience engagement with real-time analytics and integrated holistic data that can be accessed with the click of a button. Oversee audience engagement analytics, conversion rates, and which sessions or events of yours have resulted in the highest ROI. For corporations and public companies, sharing ROI metrics with key stakeholders is easier than ever with encaptiv's analytics dashboard.

Driving Engagement

Hosting a successful event means encouraging your guests to participate, whether you're hosting a contest or sharing live photos in real time with the use of a virtual slideshow, such as Instant Spotlight. With Encaptiv's event platform, you can increase the engagement of your users with live polling, chat solutions, networking opportunities, and integrated calls to action. Session recommenders, question panels, user favorites, and emoji feedback also help encourage engagement and interaction with the platform.

Convert and Connect

Ultimately, connecting and converting attendees into customers, fans, or even donors for charities is the goal for those planning major events.  encaptiv’sevent platform makes it simple to integrate multiple CTAs, or calls to action. Customize specific CTAs by  session and expo booth, serve up special offers, select sponsorship levels down to the page level and more. Compare metrics to better optimize future event promotions and CTAs.

Integrating Esstart's Instant Spotlight Into Your Next Event

Together, both Esstart's Instant Spotlight and encaptiv's event platform can help streamline the planning and hosting process of your next event, celebration, or gathering. If you are planning your next event with encaptiv but want to increase your guest engagement even more, consider Esstart's Instant Spotlight to get you started in the right direction.

What is Instant Spotlight?

Instant Spotlight, released from Esstart, is a fully integrated interactive live photo slideshow that allows the crowdsourcing of photos and videos taken by guests during your event in real time. Guests at your event can upload and share videos and photos live with Instant Spotlight, using unique hashtags, filters, and even customized themed picture frames (chosen or designed by you).

As photos and videos are uploaded and shared, they are automatically formatted to fit the screen you are using to display memories created live throughout the event. When planning your event with the use of Instant Spotlight, you can do so by customizing the look and feel of the slideshow presentation with your own logos, color schemes, and specific hashtags used to designate your unique event.

For corporations and businesses, incorporating brands and sponsorships has never been easier than with Esstart's Instant Spotlight. From branded frames and unique hashtags to full-screen takeovers with logos and promotional materials, you can create a truly immersive and engaging event with the right strategy alongside Instant Spotlight.

Additionally, when using Esstart's Instant Spotlight, take advantage of the following features:

  • Quick Setup: Instantly complete the setup process of Esstart's Instant Spotlight within just a few minutes. Instant Spotlight can be configured using a traditional computer or a smartphone.

  • AI Filters: Block profanities, limit or restrict individual users, and maintain complete control over what is published on the big screen during your event.

  • Share memories: Once your event is over, you may want to share the photos and videos that were uploaded. You can do so by sharing access to a digital gallery or by offering complete gallery downloads to attendees.

Combining encaptiv and Esstart's Instant Spotlight

With both encaptiv's virtual event planning platform and Esstart's Instant Spotlight, you can take any event you are hosting to the next level of engagement and analytics.

Understanding what works for attendees and how to encourage engagement can ensure the success of future events and celebrations you have planned.

Together, both encaptiv and Instant Spotlight bring something unique to the table, especially when planning an event designed for maximum engagement. With the combination of both encaptiv's virtual event platform and Esstart's Instant Spotlight, outshine events that are happening simultaneously while ensuring your guests feel as engaged and entertained as possible.

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